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 A Warriors Tale at 50

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PostSubject: A Warriors Tale at 50   Tue Dec 08, 2015 5:28 pm

So you just hit level 50 (p.s have you finished the story? if you haven't come back later Very Happy)


What's next for you do you ask, well sit a spell and I shall impart some of my knowledge to you,

firstly the world is much bigger now than you realise, word is primals are coming back to life, so head down to ul'dah and seek out the scions lair to see if urianger has any information for you

Speaking of Scions, word has it that Master Alphinaud's Sister is over near Wineport investigating the local Castrum about research work it's doing underneath the ground in the tears left by Bahamut during the calamity.
Before my memory gets the best of me there has also has been rumours of some archaelogists trying to gain access to the looming tower over in Mor Dhona, that may be worth checking out since any good Adventurer enjoys his treasure.

And lastly I did hear word that Grand Companys are looking for adventurers in their employ to band together to rid Eorzea of monstrous enemies that are scaring the populus.

at level 50 end game starts to open up, this would be a HUGE thing but since heavensward is now out, this is just a small portion of a much larger whole, but still plenty to do, plenty to see

There's a distinct style to the end game content
Dungeons, there are a good 18 dungeons that are only available once you hit 50 and all but one require you to finish the story (Wanderer's Palace being the exception)

Trials, there are some new trials, and harder versions of ones you've done already, including a few extremes which truly put you to the test

Raids, there are two specific sets of RAIDs available during level 50 endgame, the LEGACY OF ALLAG raids, which are the Labyrinth of the Ancients, Syrcus Tower, and The World of Darkness, these can be unlocked following the quest chain in Mor Dhona, the other is the infamous Binding Coil of Bahamut this Raid involves multiple little dungeons which are designed to push your skills to the limit and allow the elite to pass through (well worth doing though)

and lastly Hunts, hunts can be unlocked at your respective grand company, there are a few types from a hunt book which are normal mobs that you can easily defeat by yourself, to a weekly "B" rank hunt which will require a bit more effort to the infamous "A" and "S" Rank hunts which require many hero's to band together and overcome, if you join a hunting linkshell you'll always be in the know when these hunts are about, so teleport join a party and kick some ASS!

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A Warriors Tale at 50
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